Fabric Midori | Setup & Notebooks

So I have mentioned I am on a bit of a planner craze and can admit its so addicting. Traditional Planners don't really work for me since I have been using the ah-mazing workflow method that Tiago Forte shared in his Skillshare class 'Get stuff done like a Boss' available here. And here is where the Midori enters. Its a Travellers Notebook/Artist Sketchbook/ Lists & To Do's/Calendars & Weekly Diaries etc. You name it you can use it for any of these and more. 

Fabric Midori

I have been using his system for a few months now and its changed my life...it has removed a lot of anxiety about endless To-Do's and never getting anywhere but always being overwhelmed. I kind of start panicking again if I have to think back on the 'before' phew lol thank goodness for this class yes I know going on and on but trust me it is that good! ;)

As a designer there is some things you can plan and do on the computer BUT some things like planning a collection just needs to be on paper. That tactile feeling is so important and gives you more freedom to express yourself and break out of your box. 

I knew from the start that I wanted a brain-dump list book that as a thought/idea pops up I write it down effectively clearing it from my mind and making me more receptive for other things. I also need a doodle/sketch book where I can sit down with a cup of coffee/tea and just let it out...even if I never use the images its good as a warm up exercise and to get my brain in the right mood. I also wanted a more formatted space for when I am planning out collections.

midori inside

Here you can see how it looks when I open it. I have some lovely kraft manilla folders that I cut to size and added pockets so I can have some basics like stickers, washi, sticky notes etc. and well who ever can resist adding some eye candy?

midori inside 2

I created my notebooks using regular printed paper and some printables I will be sharing in a later post. I used the same kraft manilla folders for the covers and decorated it with paper and alphabet stickers and some yummy scrapbooking goodness.

midori notebooks

I just cannot wait to start playing around with these beautiful books! Thanks for stopping by my blog today...I would love to hear input from you my wonderfully creative blog readers <3